Elliot Dash and Ray Ficca remake themselves almost beyond recognition to access the strange dynamic in this fateful pair.
Margaret Lawrence - The Culpeper Star Exponent
Driving Miss Daisy
Wayside Theatre
Arrowrock Lyceum
Chevy Chase Players
Elliot Dash's stage presence as Othello is undeniable; it demands instant attention. And working from a magisterial foundation of implacable dignity and graciousness, he creates a character rooted in reason, but afraid to look too deeply into his own heart.
Todd Guill - The Winchester Star

Mr. Dash wears the role like a comfortable shoe.
Maggie Lawrence - The Star Exponent
His character's independence,
innate goodness and devotion shine through,
leavened with humor and touches of obstinacy.
John Horan Jr. - Daily Staff Writer - NVDaily
Elliot Dash's performance as Hoke Coleburn was magnificent.
The British Embassy Players / The Ruby Griffith Awards
Wildhorn's tunes regularly challenge the singers' upper registers, and several of the fired-up performers particularly Eleasha Gamble, Sean Jenness and Elliot Dash belt with crowd-pleasing vigor.
Peter Marks -The Washington Post
Hank Williams: Lost Highway
Wayside Theatre
Totem Pole Playhouse
Lyceum Theatre
Riverside Center
The Civil War
Ford's Theatre
Harry Connick, Jr. 's
The Happy Elf
  Adventure Theatre
Santa himself along with Mrs. Claus, played with relish by Elliot Dash and Nova Y. Payton, have booming voices fit for the finest orchestra halls, and bring in the noise and the funk with music director Darius Smith.
Debbie Jackson - DC Theatre Scene
Elliot Dash lends his rich voice to both Santa and the mayor of Bluesville, who gets a luscious hard-luck song with dark, complicated chords in the chorus.
Nelson Pressley - Washington Post
Using a stunning baritone that jumps octaves with ease and skill, Dash mirrors Williams's stage of mind.
               - NVDaily

A dynamic voice that steals the show and   is new to the Wayside stage is Elliot Dash
                - The Winchester Star

Dash offers stunning,
hair-raising renditions
of blues spirituals
- Gettysburg Times

Elliot Dash is in rich voice, singing the part of the ravenous Audrey II.
Nelson Pressley - Washington Post

Dash voices the plant with a dead-on accuracy to Levi Stubbs, the actor who portrayed Audrey II in the 1986 film starring Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene.

As the voice behind Audrey II, Elliot Dash handily delivers the booming tone, demanding octave jumps, and the combination of allure and danger that are essential components of the voracious plant persona
Ben Demers  - DC Thetre Scene

Dash is the voice while Hitz and Petrosino provide the motion in what will undoubtedly be the finest performance by a carnivorous plant in D.C. this season.
Tom Avila -MetroWeekly

Dash's voice has so much body and power
that you can feel it in the seats, and when it
dances up and down a scale, with the
dexterity of Whitney Houston and the
conviction of Bruce Springsteen . . . everybody gasps!
                                                          - Shenandoah Press
Little Shop of Horrors
Ford's Theatre
Northern Lights Playhouse

Wayside Theatre
Christmas Carol
Ford's Theatre
Dash is larger than life -- in all ways -- as he towers over Scrooge physically and dominates his scenes.
Tim Plant - Metroweekly

Dash (The Ghost of Christmas Present) shows some extraordinary talent as he struts about the stage on stilts.
Angela E. Pometto -Head Staff Writer- The Catholic Herald

The Caribbean joy of Elliot Dash's fruit vendor, amplified when the character reappears as the Ghost of Christmas Present, arrives in steady high waves.
The Washington Post - Nelson Pressley

Elliot Dash, who provides the voice for the plant, and the puppeteers in charge of its movement, all do an amazing job of transforming an inanimate object into a blood-thirsty assassin with a beautiful bass vibrato.
Andrea - BrightestYoungThings.com

Elliot Dash brings a winking, omniscient quality to his spoken and sung lines
Susan Berlin - Talkinbroadway.com

Elliot Dash is outstanding as Tee-Tot, a mentor figure for Hank, who helps the young artist hone his craft. Dash’s voice is supremely rich and powerful.
                - DC METRO THEATRE ARTS
Elliot Dash, as blues performer Tee-Tot, is a revelation here. His oversized, booming voice immediately captures the audience as soon as the light goes down  . . . . . .
                - The Free-Lance Star
In another standout performance, Elliot Dash is "Tee-Tot,"
the street performer who taught Williams how to sing the blues
and play the guitar. Mr. Dash has a commanding presence and
a big voice that fills the theatre. His renditions of 
"This is the Way I Do," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry,"
and "Blood Done Sign My Name" soar with deep felt
pathos and passion.
                - BROADWAYWORLD.COM
The first of several memorable performances comes from Elliot Dash as Tee-Tot, a powerful singer whose presence overflows the small front porch from which he witnesses the rise and inevitable fall of his protégé.
                - The Star Exponent
Dash's booming, beautiful voice
resonated from the stage
and met a loud round of applause.
                - The Marshall Democrat-News